CYVΞRSΞ Airdrop Results!

We are excited to announce our Airdrop winners — a big thank you to all +30,000 for participating! We are optimistic with the outcome and appreciate all the support given from the community. The Cyverse team is working really hard to make this project a reality and launch as soon as possible.

50,000 CREDZ will be given to a total of 1,000 winners:

  • Top 50 players who have made the most active contributions — participants with most entries.
  • 950 lucky players selected at random.

Rewards will be distributed after the end of the IDO. Please be subscribed to our announcement channels.

To find out if you won, please click the link below:

Note: During the course of the event we checked and cleansed many accounts with the same name and duplicate wallets.

During the next period there will be a lot of programs launched, so please subscribe to our channels to be able to follow the events as they occur without missing anything.

*Stay tuned for more updates!

Upcoming Events:

Q1 2022

  • Divers Giveaway: January 25th, February 1st & 8th
  • Divers and Pods Pre-Sale: February 14th

*Dates may change*

Stay updated with our latest news and join the community of divers!




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Cyverse is a cyberpunk inspired blockchain P2E crypto game on Binance Smart Chain. Collect divers and earn $CREDZ tokens through different gameplays.