CYVΞRSΞ | IDO Whitelist

Hello divers! We are happy to announce that we had a succesful NFT pre-sale with 115 BNB sold worth of Genesis NFTs! These NFTs have a special bonus power and will not be available ever again.

Thank you for all the community support! Our community is growing organically everyday.

Buying 10 or more NFTs will give you access in IDO through Pink Sale. Please check the document below to confirm you are in our IDO whitelist:

If you bought more than 10 NFTs and do not see your wallet in the whitelist please contact us:

IDO Parameters:

  • Minimum purchase 0.1 BNB, maximum 2.5 BNB
  • Vesting of TGE 40%, 2 months of 30%
  • Softcap and hardcap 60/120 BNB.

We are still waiting on Tech-Audit contract audit as soon as we have it, we will start the IDO, hopefully on March 14th.

Upcoming Events:
Q1 2022

  • IDO and Game Launch: March 14th
  • Marketplace Launch: 2 weeks after game launch

*Dates may change*

Stay updated with our latest news and join the community of divers!




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Cyverse is a cyberpunk inspired blockchain P2E crypto game on Binance Smart Chain. Collect divers and earn $CREDZ tokens through different gameplays.